This firmware is based on the latest build 42 of Tomato USB mod, so it includes all features and fixes of that mod, and - in addition to that: * Linux Kernel * Support for Asus RT-N16.

Dec 13, 2015 · This is a Tech Tip / Tuneup Report for an Asus RT-N16 router How to install DD-WRT firmware AND how to install Tomato firmware Instructions came from here Some of the Peacock would not apply on the RT-N16 because it has a different reset or restore settings procedure. I already did a WPS pressed while plugging-in. Laptop signal on RT-N16 is 55-60%. I am using the 14594 build from BS directory, the firmware is a proper and correct firmware for my RT-N16 (Kernel 2.6 Big). For the best wireless signal transmission between the xDSL modem router and the network devices connected to it, ensure that you: • Place the xDSL modem router in a centralized area for a maximum wireless coverage for the network devices. • Keep the device away from metal obstructions and away from direct sunlight. From your computer’s desktop, click Start > All Programs > ASUS Utility RT-N16 Wireless Router > Firmware Restoration. Note: This is not a firmware upgrade utility and cannot be used on a working ASUS Wireless Router. Normal firmware upgrades must be done through the web interface. Refer to Chapter 4: Configuring via the web GUI for more details. Wireless - WPS: WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) provides easy and secure establishment of a wireless network. You can configure WPS here via the PIN code method. Nov 16, 2009 · “The Asus RT-N16 has some great features, including one of the best user interfaces we’ve seen in a wireless router.” Extremely fast at close range Very good user interface

The Asus RT-N16 is a great, fun router for networking enthusiasts who want to use it with third-party open-source firmware, such as Tomato or DD-WRT. However, everyone else should wait until Asus

Latest AdvancedTomato firmware releases and downloads for Asus RT-N66U

The guide requires you have a few things but all you really need is the Asus RT-N16, a USB key (USB2), a ext3fs Linux formatted USB hard drive and Tomato K26USB 1.28 MIPSR2 117 or later (AIO) by Shibby firmware as well.

I think for the RT-N16 - it's important to choose a "named" build (i.e. one that includes "RT-N16" in the name. I have several other DD-WRT routers that have similar requirements - due to the hardware needing a special build. ASUS RT-N16 4Port Gbit Wlan Router, 802.11n 300Mbps, WPS, QoS, Open Source, Green Network, 2x USB 2.0, Printer server / Scan back, FTP-Server, UPnP, WPA2, Download Master utility, 300,000 sessions for data transmission speed, Easy User Interface Apr 26, 2014 · Hi has anyone had a successful Gargoyle firmware install in for the ASUS RT-N16 which has a Broadcom BCM4716 chip rev 1 pkg 10 chipset? I see there is a firmware called gargoyle_1.6.1-brcm47xx-squashfs.trx Asus puts out routers with their base firmware on them, but flashing to the newest version 3 firmware gives you all of the features with DD-WRT with an Asus skin. Router works great, and has excellent range.