Jul 31, 2013

Extremely unstable internet connection - Internet For the past 3-4 weeks I've had an extremely unstable internet connection. Download speeds seem fine but I get virtually no upload speeds. Any speed test I run shows around 300 down, which is great since I'm on the ultimate plan, but the upload tests almost always time out, or the result is extremely low (<1). Unstable internet connection - Telstra CrowdSupport - 698089 And few day later, i found out that the speed not only slow but also very very unstable, that sometimes it increased to 4.5Mbps (i couldn't stop smiling when i typed the 'increase'), but it would decrease to 1-2 Mbps time to time.

We are constantly getting messages of unstable internet connection/poor connection and it is really sgtarting to cause issues. We have two adults working from home (one on lots of conference calls etc) and kids homeschooling. I've run the diagnostics tests online, which give the warning "The broadband speed to your hub could be faster", the

Unstable Internet and speeds with new plan? I got a call by Comcast a couple days ago that my old contract plan was almost expired and that I would no longer be paying the promotional price. They offered a new promotion that would be a bit more but I would go from the 60mbps performance package to the 200 Mbps blast package for about 12 backs Extremely unstable internet connection - Internet

Below is my statistics after the modem replacement (2-3 last digits represent download speed). I see it as a generally unstable Comcast signal or (following John's idea) large fluctuations from the noise in the area. Or .. somebody is using Internet in our area, but I couldn't find any system in these fluctuations.

Jul 31, 2013 Unstable upload speeds - need solution - Internet I have had a tech out and he replaced the fittings on the coaxial cables, and they upload speeds were fine for 2 days.Then they start to become unstable again. Try streaming to twitch using obs and the last section i had. 16384 frame drops and cant even stream smooth at 3000kbps Unstable broadband - BT Community Unstable broadband My broadband connection has been unstable for over four months continued contact with customer service over that period I am now on I think my fifth router a home hub 3 and getting nowhere fast and today they offer me an engineers visit great I think soon all will be well again and I will have a usable connection and all its