I just logged into my WD My Cloud console and retrieved the STATIC IP address I assigned to the device many months ago during initial setup. Once I had the IP address, I just did the following: Finder --> Connect to Server. Entered smb://IP address/, clicked on “+” to add to the list of Favorite Servers

Mapping A WDMYCLOUD in Windows 10 - Microsoft Community Aug 05, 2018 How to transfer photos to a WD My Cloud device? - PhotoSync The IP address of the WD My Cloud, e.g. Port: 21: Login: The username to connect to the WD My Cloud: Password: The password to connect to the WD My Cloud: Directory: Leave empty or enter an existing share: FTP mode: Passive or Automatic WD My Book reset password [Solved] - CCM

[SOLVED] Problem accessing WdmyCloud nas - Help - Volumio

Absolutely disappointed in the changes from My Cloud to My Cloud Home. WD has chosen to remove 95% of the useful networking features that existed on previous model lines for the same price. I can no longer recommend Western Digital NAS solutions in the sub 500$ range. Configuring a WD My Cloud for SMB instead of AFP [Solved

Wd My Cloud Default Ip Address

Dec 28, 2019