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Dec 13, 2017 Netflix is not working on Torguard? Tips and tricks for 2020 CyberGhostVPN – One of the best alternative to Torguard for streaming Netflix If you are looking for an alternative to Torguard, then the Romanian VPN vendor CyberGhost is the one you should pick. It has over 100,000 IP addresses at its disposal that works exceptionally well with its privately-owned 5800 servers across 60+ countries. Torguard has thrown in the towel : NetflixByProxy “This announcement comes as no surprise to us and we have been expecting a Netflix VPN crackdown for some time now,” TorGuard’s Ben van der Pelt says. “TorGuard is monitoring the situation closely and we have recently implemented new measures that can bypass any proposed IP blockade on our network. TorGuard - Anonymous VPN, Proxy & Email Services | 7 Day

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Best Alternatives to TorGuard VPN in 2020

TorGuard – Effectively accesses Netflix via VPN. A good choice for those new to VPNs, TorGuard's interface is filled with clear buttons that remove any confusion for first-time users.

Best VPNs for Netflix (that REALLY still work in Jan 2020) Jan 14, 2020 Does TorGuard Work With American Netflix In 2018? See Our May 12, 2018 Top 3 Best VPNs for Netflix 2020 – Services That Really