How to Temporarily Disable Terminal Server Client Logons

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The Disable-UMService cmdlet sets the status of a UM server. A UM server has a logical status variable controlled using the enable and disable cmdlets. A UM server won't process any new calls unless it's in the enabled state. With this status variable, you can start or stop call processing on a UM server so the UM server can be brought online or taken offline in a controlled way.

The services in question here will be the ones that Windows 2008 sets up as an automatic service, which means as soon as your server is powered on, they start. Our goal is to stop as many services as possible without disabling any needed services for the server. To get started, log onto your Windows 2008 server.

How to enable, disable and check if Service Broker is

What will happen if we stop or disable the Server service May 06, 2012