Feb 29, 2020

HP PCs - Internet Explorer Not Working as Expected Issues can occur while using the Microsoft Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer) web browser software, such as the appearance of your Internet not working, you cannot connect to the Internet, slow Internet, or no Internet. Use the first few steps to resolve most issues. No history in Internet Explorer - Windows 10 Forums Oct 16, 2016 How to Fix Adobe Flash Not Working in Internet Explorer

Jul 11, 2017

Search for Internet Explorer. Right-click Internet Explorer and select Open File Location. Right-click the Internet Explorer icon and select Properties. Click the Shortcut tab. Verify that is only contains C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe with nothing after it. F12 not working with Internet Explorer | Tech Support Guy Apr 21, 2013

How to Fix Search Not Working on Internet Explorer

Out-of-date ActiveX control blocking (Internet Explorer 11 Enhanced Protected Mode isn’t supported on Internet Explorer 9 or earlier versions of IE. Therefore, if you’re using Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9, all ActiveX controls will always be marked as not EPM-compatible. Reason. The ActiveX control can be blocked or allowed for any of these reasons: How to Enable and Use Internet Explorer 11’s Enterprise Mode Jul 11, 2017